I had the distinct honor and pleasure of running monitor sound for him when he was shooting teasers (for Comedy Central, I think?) at the club where I work. Unutterably awesome, funny and creative, and a SUPER nice guy on top of it all! » 5/30/12 3:29pm 5/30/12 3:29pm

Not necessarily; it's really all situational. A common EQing technique for rock kick drum, for example: crank up 80Hz for impact, carve out 125-250 to make it less muddy, crank around 3k for beater click. » 5/24/12 7:01am 5/24/12 7:01am

Hmm...I should try that. I've been using mnemonic sentences that map to individual letters; your way sounds like it might be more efficient. » 5/12/12 2:48pm 5/12/12 2:48pm

I'm glad that laws like this are passed, as they allow shit eating sister fuckers to puke up my favorite creationist argument: "If we came from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys?" » 4/12/12 9:24pm 4/12/12 9:24pm

The Civil War was fought by the Confederacy to ensure it's right to keep slaves. Want a laugh? Read the Confederate Constitution. Anyone who tells you that the war was fought "for economic reasons" and that slavery is a side issue is either completely ignorant of history, a racist, or both. Also, how the guaranteed… » 4/10/12 2:01pm 4/10/12 2:01pm

I remember first encountering Taki in the early 90's NY Press, where he'd regularly name drop his buddy-buddy relationship with Augusto Pinochet. Now he's got his very own forum, where he collects writers who share his comically repugnant views. What a loathsome piece of shit. » 4/06/12 7:20pm 4/06/12 7:20pm

For the sake of realness, all hard sciences should precede all humanities studies, as they are more inherently real. Philosophy at #3? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA!!!! » 4/06/12 7:03pm 4/06/12 7:03pm